Styrofoam recycling process into ingots.

Our Styrofoam recycling process.

RecycleTech’s Styrofoam recycling machines, also known as foam densifiers, use a high volume extrusion technology. Plastic foam, or expanded polystyrene (EPS) waste is first placed into the hopper of the machine where it is crushed and shredded into small bits. The foam bits are then dropped into an auger/screw where the material is heated by thermochemical reaction. Finally the melted waste is extruded and ready for collection. The result of the process is a material known as an ingot, with up to 1/90th of the original volume of its EPS form. These plastic ingots can then be recycled into other products. This heat-induced densification process is quick, safe, and cleanly processed with no harmful emissions.

Recycle Tech purchases back these plastic ingots by weight. As part of our ongoing efforts to keep polystyrene and Styrofoam products out of America’s landfills and waste stream, our company offers to purchase Styrofoam ingots at an attractive price. Please contact us for quotation and any other inquiry you may have about our buyback program.