Green Innovation We provide innovative technological solutions to some of today’s most pressing
resource conserving, material recycling, and energy renewing issues
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Trusted by Our Customers We aim to become a recognized leader in the field by providing
innovative, safe, cutting edge products and services for the world
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Waste to Energy RecycleTech's high molecular pyrolysis Waste-to-Energy system
can produce fuel from waste.
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What we do

plastic foam densifiers

Plastic Foam Densifiers

RecycleTech has equipment which can process large, medium and small volumes of Polystyrene efficiently.
Reverse vending machine

Reverse Vending Machine

RecycleTech is a leading manufacturer and supplier of reverse vending machines, which collect used beverage containers for recycling from consumers, who in return receive a monetary refund or other forms of reward.
wast to fuel systems

Waste to Fuel

It's not science fiction any more. RecycleTech's high molecular pyrolysis Waste-to-Energy system can produce fuel from waste.

Our Products

  • xt70


    - Processes multiple foam materials including PSP food containers* and EPE packaging blocks

  • xt200


    - Competitively priced/ Cost effective for Small to mid-sized warehouses/ retail stores

  • xt400


    Cost effective for mid to large-sized operations

  • xt500


    - Fast, easy loading with Conveyor System
    - Cost effective with a great output volume per operation cost ratio

  • xt700


    Capable of handling large quantity of wet or dry material with conveyorblower, and silo system

  • reverse vending machine mt400


    -MT400 is a reverse vending machine that utilizes advanced technology to identify, sort, collect and process used beverage containers.
    -Features Reward Point System and video player

Our Locations

















Headquarters & Sales Office

418 Falmouth Ave.,
Elmwood Park, NJ 07407.

U.S. South East Operation

Bartow Municipal Airport Blvd 104
Bartow, FL 33830