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Plastic Foam Densifiers

RecycleTech has equipment which can process large, medium and small volumes of Polystyrene efficiently.

Reverse Vending Machine

RecycleTech is a leading manufacturer and supplier of reverse vending machines, which collect used beverage containers for recycling from consumers, who in return receive a monetary refund or other forms of reward.


Our Clients

RecycleTech has its equipment installed and running at over 100 client locations throughout U.S. & Canada.
RT’s clients list include many major electric, appliance, motor, and retailing companies.

Recycle Tech Corp.

RecycleTech Corporation is an innovation-driven company utilizing the latest technology to provide solutions for recycling and waste reduction.

Green Innovation
We provide innovative technological solutions to some of today’s most pressing
resource conserving, material recycling, and energy renewing issues.
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Waste to Energy

RecycleTech has its epuipment installed and running at over 100 client locations throughout U.S. & Canada. RT’s clients list include many major electric, apliance, motor, and retailing companies..

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  • It’s not science fiction any more. RecycleTech’s high molecular pyrolysis Waste-to-Energy system can produce fuel from waste.The system processes waste materials — thermo-plastics, waste tires, synthetic fibers, etc. — by applying heat in the absence of oxygen, triggering chemical endothermic reaction that breaks down the carbon chains inside: The materials are decomposed into carbonized hydrogen chemical compounds from which gaseous, solid, and liquid fuels are extracted.