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RecycleTech manufactures heavy duty Styrofoam recycling machines, providing businesses an extremely efficient polystyrene (EPS) solution. Our Styrofoam recycling machines condense EPS waste down to a fraction of its original volume, up to 1/90th.

Our expertise in EPS recycling solutions is substantiated from over 100 of our clients from both the United States and Canada, which include many major electric, appliance, motor, and retailing companies. Our clients personally attest to the space-saving efficiency and reliability of our innovative EPS recycling technology.

With our plastic foam densifier technology, we equip businesses with a cost-effective solution for Styrofoam recycling. From our wide variety of models, it is ensured that our customers will have a customized and efficient solution based on their needs and capacity.

One of our Styrofoam recycling machines.

Polystyrene/Styrofoam Recycling Machines (Plastic Foam Densifiers)

Our Styrofoam recycling machines can process a variety of volumes of expanded polystyrene (EPS). These recycling machines condense EPS waste to a fraction of its volume in a cost-efficient manner, providing a cost-efficient solution to large volumes of EPS. To learn more about our solutions and models, please visit our Products page.

Our reverse vending machine.

Reverse Vending Machines

RecycleTech is a leading manufacturer and supplier of reverse vending machines. These recycling machines collect used beverage containers for recycling from consumers, who in return receive a monetary refund or other forms of reward.